Don’t miss the first amazing D/B ( Night in Berlin. With Paul White* (One-Handed Music / London), Pete Adarkwah (BBE Records / London),  Suff Daddy (Melting Pot Music), Stevo (4lux) and the Digital in Berlin DJ Team.

*Paul White has fast risen to claim status as one of the UK’s finest beat breakers and psyched instrumental-hip-hop producers. The hazy dream-like qualities of his music have lead to comparisons with RZA and Boards Of Canada – a rugged beat driven aesthetic offset by rich sound designs and a psychedelically tipsy agenda. Paul joins a long list of highly talented beatnuts stretching from DJ Shadow to Flylo and beyond, but has his own style very safely locked down.

Need a place to stay?  Check out White Line Hotels for the the Lux 11 in Berlin (they are co-sponsoring the event).


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  1. how serious are those guys?

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