Mr. Ive reminded me today why it is I don’t much like Apple.  It’s all the crap they spout.

Maybe it’s because I am not a designer, but I appreciate aesthetics, I even own an iPhone and will admit, it is a damn fine looking piece of kit, but “it’s just display, and then no display”…c’mon…are you seriously trying out for a role in Spinal Tap 2?

“We’ve figured out a way to make the glass go right to the perimiter”…what a genius…I know a few glasiers who are able to shape and hang glass.

It’s a nice piece of kit, but do Apple fans really need all that bullshit in order to be convinced to buy it?

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The Wii console is about to get an exciting new look as it launches across Europe in sleek black.

The black Wii will be available to buy in UK and Republic of Ireland from 6 November and mainland Europe on 20 November, and will come as a “Limited Edition” bundled with a Wii Remote, Wii MotionPlus and Nunchuk – all in black – as well as the exhilarating new Wii Sports Resort game and the original Wii Sports. The Wii Sports Resort black bundle will offer a total of 15 different sports and activities to enjoy.

Also launching in Europe as part of the black range of accessories will be the new black Classic Controller Pro – an enhanced version of the Classic Controller.  Additional black Wii Remote controllers, Wii MotionPlus accessories and Nunchuk controllers will also be available to purchase separately across Europe from November 20 onwards.



Don’t miss the first amazing D/B (DigitalinBerlin.de) Night in Berlin. With Paul White* (One-Handed Music / London), Pete Adarkwah (BBE Records / London),  Suff Daddy (Melting Pot Music), Stevo (4lux) and the Digital in Berlin DJ Team.

*Paul White has fast risen to claim status as one of the UK’s finest beat breakers and psyched instrumental-hip-hop producers. The hazy dream-like qualities of his music have lead to comparisons with RZA and Boards Of Canada – a rugged beat driven aesthetic offset by rich sound designs and a psychedelically tipsy agenda. Paul joins a long list of highly talented beatnuts stretching from DJ Shadow to Flylo and beyond, but has his own style very safely locked down.

Need a place to stay?  Check out White Line Hotels for the the Lux 11 in Berlin (they are co-sponsoring the event).



BlackBerry Watch

As a reformed BlackBerry abuser (I moved to the dark side – Apple – in July) I was still excited by this post over at CrackBerry.

The watch itself is not a BlackBerry in itself, but an accessory that enables you to view activities happening on your BlackBerry while its tucked away in your bag, stuffed in a drawer, etc.  I wish this was around when I had my BB.  I was always carrying it in my hand and this could have stopped me getting BlackBerry fingers.

There is no definitive launch date, but if we hear anything, then we’ll tell you.

[via CrackBerry]